Talks between the US and the Taliban are only the first step of a long process. Intra-Afghan dialogue — where the Taliban meet with Afghan officials — is the next step.

Any deal with the Taliban should be condition-based on a complete ceasefire

Taliban must end violence if they are seeking peace 

Role of Civil Society in Preventing Violence and Extremism – New York

Afghanistan Peace Process – Washington D.C.


For more videos, please visit here:  Ahmad Shah Mohibi 

31 years ago — the Soviets left #Afghanistan, followed by war & chaos. 18 yrs of after 9/11 & the US mission to rebuild Afghanistan, there is now hope that peace is possible through diplomacy & political settlement by an inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue. #AfghanPeaceProcess

US-Taliban deal is significantly important bcuz it paves the way for an inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue (to this date, #Taliban have rejected to talk w Afghan Govt).

Great work by Pr. @realDonaldTrump team on this development.

One day of peace is better than nothing.✌🏽

My first piece for @risetopeace on American counterterrorism efforts in Yemen

US-Taliban reach deal for 7 days 'reduction in violence'

May this opens doors for an inclusive intra-Afghan dialogues & chance for the #Taliban to prove their willingness to peace.

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7 days, after all? — Better than nothing 🙏 May this temporary reduction of violence opens doors for an inclusive intra-Afghan dialogues & chance for the Taliban to prove their willingness to peace & NO violence. You get to start somewhere —this is a good start!

CNN Breaking News@cnnbrk

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announces that the US and Taliban "have negotiated a proposal for a seven day reduction in violence"

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