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AFGHANISTAN: Is it ready for a US pullout?

While the Taliban are killing left and right despite their deal with the US to reduce violence, I argue that an exit strategy is not a strategy from Afghanistan. My latest analysis on the US pullout from Afghanistan before Christmas 2020.

Originally published at TRT World

From a peak of 100,00 to perhaps no US troops in Afghanistan by Christmas – if Donald Trump has his way. But with Taliban attacks continuing, would the country be at risk of another civil war? Guests:

Javid Faisal Former Government Spokesperson Murid Partaw Former Senior National Representative of Afghanistan to US Central Command

Laurel Miller Director of International Crisis Group’s Asia Program

Ahmad Shah Mohibi Founder, Rise to Peace

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Ahmad Shah Mohibi

Ahmad Shah Mohibi is the Founder of Rise to Peace. Frequently provides news analysis and commentary to media outlets, including the CNN, CBS News, MSNBC, FOX News, TRT World, Aljazeera, Washington Examiner, The Washington Post, Ariana News, The Diplomat Magazine, and TOLOnews. Ahmad Shah Mohibi is a former US counterterrorism adviser in Afghanistan

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